meet yohanna

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I am happy you found your way here.

My name is Yohanna. My mission is to support the ambitious woman achieve her goals without sacrificing her wellbeing. After years of rapidly excelling in London’s fashion industry and acquiring all of the external possessions society calls success, I hit burnout. I embarked on a soul searching journey to heal, mentally and physically.

Today, I live a nomadic life with a base in Tulum as a Yoga Teacher & Women’s Wellness Coach. I specialize in guiding ambitious women back into a loving relationship with themselves and developing a sustainable and balanced lifestyle.


“Today, I am very thankful for my journey”




Raised in the idyllic Archipelago of Sweden, I was born a driven career woman. I earned my first paycheck at age 14 and ran my own business at age 17. I moved to London to study fashion and live the fast-paced metropolitan life. A couple of years later, I had everything one is supposed to have to be happy: the apartment, the boyfriend, the body, the clothes, the status and my dream job in the high-end fashion industry. But I was overworked, underweight, sleep deprived and anxious. My body was collapsing and my spirit felt distant and drained. After years of pushing myself to achieve and perform, I had hit burnout. Exhausted and needing a change, I left London to embark on a soul searching journey immersed myself to yoga and to learn what it means to be healthy, happy and whole.

Through yoga, I began my healing from burnout and connected to my authentic self. I transformed my health in body, mind and spirit over years of intense searching, learning and applying. My journey gave me the experience and tools to support other women in need of balance. It is time for us women to step into our full powers, by nourishing ourselves holistically - mind, body and spirit.

Ambition and wellbeing can co-exist.