yoga & wellness


the ambitious womans pursuit of inner balance

An awakening workshop for the high-achieving female professional

Let’s face it. We can’t carry on this non-stop lifestyle of ours. As much as we strive to succeed in everything we do, it is impossible to be a “superwoman”. Today we are expected to push through when energy fades and we have become masters of distractions. Never before has wellness become so pivotal in a woman’s life.

This in depth Yoga & Wellness workshop is here to kick-start your journey towards inner balance. As a previous fashion executive, I share my journey on how I went from burnout to a sustainable and healthy life. We will explore how a toxic lifestyle affects your wellbeing and how daily wellness practices can transform and support a balanced life rooted in self love, purpose and joy.  


“Attending this workshop was the best investment I have done in myself and my wellbeing. Yohannas energy is incredible and I love her life philosophy”

- Andrea L., Sweden




Wellness at work

A workshop for increased work performance & health of your team

Did you know that every $1 you invest in workplace wellness generates over $3 in savings? Burnout is a growing epidemic worthy of prevention. Conversely, a healthy team measurably increases productivity, creativity and overall business success.

I teach hands-on stress management tools using a combination of yoga and wellness practices such as meditation, breath-work, journaling and nutrition. The workshop is tailored to suit your organisation’s requirements and delivered as a full day workshop, half day workshop or as a series. Your team will be left feeling inspired, valued and motivated.


Her experience from a corporate background gives her a great understanding of typical challenges in the workplace to come up with concrete solutions to enhance our staffs wellbeing.”

- Sunil P., CEO SignEasy