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As a previous fashion executive, I know how challenging it is to find balance as an ambitious woman in this world filled with pressure.

A stressful lifestyle makes it hard to keep up with career, social life, family and travel while having time for self-care and healthy routines. I work with high-achieving women, like you, who have busy lives and big dreams. They’re ready to show up by courageously identifying what isn’t working and replacing it with a sustainable lifestyle rooted in mind-body-spirit wellness.

My approach to wellness is holistic and centers on the whole you. There is no one-size fits all and my coaching is tailored for just you. We will first cover topics such as your relationships, career, exercise and spirituality; and second, assess your diet. My coaching facilitates a safe space for healing, self-discovery and transformation. Empowering you with the skills to pursue your careers and dreams, while living a healthy and balanced life.

Certified Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition


“It doesn’t matter how much kale you eat if the rest of your life is out of balance”

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Do you..

Feel like you are never good enough?
Feel stressed and anxious?
Struggle with sleep and sensitive digestion?
Feel pressured to perform and struggle to set boundaries?
Fear to open up and be vulnerable in relationships?
Use alcohol, food, shopping or drugs to escape your emotions?
Achieve a lot, but still feel unfulfilled?


Wellness Coaching


Private Wellness Coaching

Be fully supported by me

A transformational 1-on-1 program for a 6 months duration. The coaching is tailored for your needs and you will be fully supported on your journey by me.

Group Coaching Program

From Burnout to Balance

A 6-week online group coaching program for a calmer and healthier you. Connect and be supported by other like-minded women.


Are you curious to start your wellness journey with me?



“Yohanna is honest and direct in her advice. She is passionate about and committed to her work. I felt very comfortable talking to Yohanna, especially as someone who finds it difficult to open up. I would recommend her program to other female friends in a frazzled state of mind.””

— F.H, London 

“Yohanna has a non-judgemental character about her that inspires honesty, just not with her but with myself. She is both holistic and intelligent. Through her sessions I learned how to find more balance in my life and useful tool to maintain it.”

— Genevieve O., Mexico

Yohanna is great at picking up the essence of my issues, especially when I cant find the words myself. She openly shares her journey and the tools that has helped her, which makes me trust my own process of healing. Everyone should have someone like her in their life.”

— Christine A., Norway