Meet Yohanna Mannelqvist, fashion maven turned Yoga & Women's Wellness coach. She was born in Sweden as a driven career woman. She earned her first paycheck at age 14 and ran her own business at age 17. Fast forward a couple of years and she was appointed International Head of Sales for a prominent fashion brand and continued to climb the corporate ladder rapidly.

After realizing that her non-stop lifestyle in London was no longer sustainable and acquiring all of the external possessions society calls success, Yohanna hit burnout and decided to go into a soul searching journey to recover and heal. That journey eventually led her to Yoga and meditation in the breezy coastal town of Tulum, Mexico.

Today, Yohanna is specialized in guiding ambitious women to inner balance. Her clients are global female leaders with high-profile work titles. She lives a nomadic lifestyle and shares her wellness expertise through online courses, workshops and retreats all over the world. Her coaching empowers successful women to pursue their dreams, without sacrificing their health, and feel vibrantly well.

Yohannas contribution to the wellbeing of high-achieving women and unique life story has been recognized in publications such as ELLE, Women's Health Magazine and YogaWorld.

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