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This 6-month program is organically tailored to uncover your limiting lifestyle habits and beliefs across every area of your life - career, relationships, spirituality, exercise, diet and more. Firstly, we will review your wellness history and identify your challenges. Secondly, we will set clear wellness goals and work on the necessary changes to move towards your new intentions.

This is no quick fix - we aim to create sustainable changes. I will hold you accountable and support you on the way to a balanced life rooted in self love, health and joy.



the details

Duration: 6 months
Group size: 2 confidential 60-min. sessions/month (12 sessions total)
Add-ons: Additional services available
Bonus: Unlimited email support, Mondays-Fridays and a Wellness Welcome Kit


topics may include

Stress Management
Holistic Health Practices
Body acceptance & Self-love
Relationships & Social Life
Nutritional Guidelines
Breath-work & Meditation
Healing & Recovery



Investment: $400 USD/month for 6 months
How to start: Book a complimentary 30-min consultation with me. We will cover your wellness history, concerns and goals to see if I am the right wellness coach for you.



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