From burnout to balance

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A 6-week online group coaching program for a calmer and healthier you

This coaching program is for the ambitious woman who is tired of running the rat-race of achieving and attaining. She is trying to pursue her dreams but can't seem to get the work-life balance right and is left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. She relies on coffee for energy, food for comfort and alcohol for relaxation. She doesn't know how to handle her stress and her mental and physical health is starting to suffer. Not rarely is her digestion sensitive, sleeping disrupted, concentration poor, neck and shoulders tense and mood unstable. 

She keeps a busy schedule as a way to run away from her uncomfortable emotions. She keeps up a perfect facade to the external world as being vulnerable scares her. As a result, she feels isolated and lonely despite having a rich social life. Social media drains her energy and makes her feel like she is never good enough. 

Somewhere deep down she knows that she is not living her best life and is now ready to take the steps towards a healthier and balanced life. She wants to connect with like-minded women and be supported by community. She is ready to courageously explore the depths of herself and take actions for a calmer and healthier version of herself.




Duration: 6 x 75 min online calls 
Group: 6-8 female participants 
Weekday: Mondays
Time: 19:00-20:15 CET 
Starting Date: 11th of November 
End Date: 16th of December 
Extras: Private Facebook Group, Recommended Reading List and Welcome Kit 
Price: $499



Week 1: Understanding stress and Holistic Wellbeing

Week 2: Your Inner Critic, Self-Esteem and Meditation

Week 3: Listening to your body and Movement 

Week 4: Nutrition and Emotional Eating 

Week 5: Energy Leaks and Boundaries 

Week 6: Community and Support


next steps

I am now taking on registrations for the program starting 11th of November.

Do you want to be a part of this coaching program? Fill in the form below or send me an email if you have any questions.

Love Yohanna x



Do you want to be a part of this group coaching program?