Heart Opening Juvamukti Workshop



Date: 29th of March Time: 11-15pm  Place: Amate Camp

About this workshop

Through this special Jivamukti workshop, we will delve into our hips and hearts, purifying our bodies from stuck emotions and
unresolved karmas. Our stressful lifestyles make the hips one of the tightest parts of the body and often a challenging
practice for modern yogis. The muscles around our hips hold a lot of emotions linked to unresolved situations,
blocked emotions and heartbreaks.  Open hips are one of the key elements to practicing deep and safe backbends,
forward bends, several arm balancing asanas while releasing emotional tension. 

Through this 2-hour workshop, we will explore hip opening asanas and backbends, while learning how to
use our bodies' reflexes to safely restore range of motion into our hips and liberate the body and mind.



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